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  /  Ice-Crusher / Ice Maker

Ice-Crusher / Ice Maker

Mojito Series

The Mojito Series is composed by an ice maker with stainless steel structure and an ice-crusher easy to use. These products allow you to manage your ice needs on different occasions.

Some examples of use of our Mojito series

Drinks & Cocktails

Fruit Plates

Fish Plates


Mojito Ice

Ice Maker

Compact ice maker with stainless steel casing and LCD touch control panel. Practical and portable (does not require plumbing). Front drawer for ice collection. Recirculation system: the melting cubes are re-formed. 3 different size of ice cube.

Mojito Junior


Electric ice-crusher excellent for drinks, cocktails, appetizers, garnishes for dishes with fish or fruits. Ice is not grinded but crushed irregularly as used in the Caribbean tradition


The complete series

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