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Fry Type Series

Electric fryers FRY TYPE are built to be used with great convenience for fast food. Available with 4 and 8 liter tank in the classic version and in the new air version with 6 liter capacity

The Features of Fry Type 4 and 8 lt

Heating elements

Powerful heating elements 2500 watt (FRY TYPE 4) and 3000 watt (FRY TYPE 8) for a great performance.

Drain tap

The front drain tap allows you to empty the oil from the tank easily and safety.


Regulation thermostat

Regulation thermostat up to 190°C.

Air Fryers

Air Fryers

FRY TYPE 6 AIR is the air fryer which allows you to cook quickly, reducing energy consumption and in a healthier way. Thanks to the 360° circulation of hot air in the basket, you will get crunchy and tasty food. Our models have a touch screen display that allows you to select 12 cooking programs or to set manually, depending on the food you want to cook. 80% reduction in fat, compared to classic fryers but same crunchy taste.

The complete series

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