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Sous-Vide Cooking


The CSV models are composed by a tank in stainless steel that allows for the perfect cooking of vacuum packaged foods. The stainless steel grill at the bottom of the appliance repairs the heating resistance from the bag immersed in the water. Thanks to the sous-vide system, the internal space of the tank can be used at 70% for food.
You will cook all kinds of food, meat, fish, even vegetables and fruit, all vacuum and at a constant temperature: the resistance on the bottom allows you to keep water at a homogeneous temperature throughout the volume bath.

The Features

Casing and cover in stainless steel and ABS tank

Casing and cover in stainless steel and Sous-vide tank in thermo-resistant ABS plastic; stainless steel protection grid.

9 pre-set programs

9 pre-set programs for common culinary preparations, 5 customizable programs.

Control the device by bluetooth

Possibility to control the device by bluetooth through the smartphone app (Smartforno on AppStore and Playstore).

The complete series

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