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Household slicer studied to cut cold-cuts, cheeses, bread and fish. The line studied even in the least details with big roundness and without any edge allows a simple and complete cleaning.

Made In Italy

Premium Quality

5 Warranty Years

Available in different colors



Easy Clean System is a special meat plate that can be opened for an easier cleaning

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Handle to 0

Power off the machine and set the handle to ``0``

Carriage Position

Bring towards you the carriage till the limit switch

Open The Carriage

Aprire il carrello di 15° per agevolarne la pulizia
Open the Carriage for 15° for a better cleaning experience

Professional Motor

Professional ventilated motor 230V – 50Hz and 140W. It’s veltilated to reduce the heating and reduce the noise. It’s mounted on top of a double ball bearing


New Sharpener

The new fixed sharpener has opposed keys help you to sharpen the blade in a safe way. The system has a lower cover to protect the emeries.

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Fixed Sharpener Setup

Unscrew the handle that keep the sharpener in the right position, without fully extract

Sharpener Sosition

Raise and rotate the sharpener for 180°. Lowe the sharpender system and screw the handle to secure it.

Sharpen The Blade

Power on the slicer. press the black key on the left to sharpen, press the black button on the right to clean the blade. When the sharpening end set the system in the original position

Pressamerce Innovativo

Removable food holder arm withfinger protection washed in dishwasher. This holder increase the grip with the food


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Rotate the handle

Power off the machine then rotate and unscrew the handle to release the food holder arm

Finger Protection

Extract the finger protection

Washable In Dishwasher

The finger protection part can be cleaned in a dishwasher machine

Lama Professionale

Third generation tempered professional blade to increase the lifetime and the cut efficiency

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