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Electric grater with removable stainless-steel roll, dishwasher safe. Aluminum hopper. Suitable for grating hard cheese, dry bread and similar foods. It grates cheese directly into the practical removable container and you can serve it on the table; thanks to lid freshness saver, you can then store it in your refrigerator. Discover the product


Electric grater with professional drum in stainless steel, suitable to grate not only cheese but also bread, dried fruit, almonds and chocolate.

Fast Disassembly - Robusta

Removable drum mm. 60×110 that is dishwasher safe that help to clean the grater

Robusta Removable Drum »

1. Prepare the grater

Power off the machine, screw off the screw that you can find near the frontal black cover, lift the lever and insert a cloth inside.

2. Close The Cover

Close the cover and open up the roller ring that you can find in front of the machine

3. Roller Extraction

Keep the lever pressed, rotate the roller ring counterclockwise untill it's unscrewed. Then lift up the lever, remove the cloth and extract the roller

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