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  /  Meat Grinder – Tomato Squeezer

Meat Grinder - Tomato Squeezer

Meat Grinder - Tomato Squeezer

Meat grinder, tomato squeezer and multifunction machines which will make food preparation in the kitchen easier and faster.


Meat Grinder - Multifuntion Machine

Trita Express & New Duetto Plus

These products are ideal to satisfy even the most demanding user. TRITA EXPRESS is a high-performance meat mincer for domestic use. NEW DUETTO PLUS it is a multifunctional product: meat grinder, tomato squeezer and grater.

Tomato Squeezer

New Pommi & Pommi Junior

Electric tomato squeezers with stainless steel filter, studied to minimize waste during tomato processing.

The complete series

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