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Vacuum Machines

Vacuum Macines Series

Wide range of vacuum machines for hermetically packaged food in a simple, practical and safe way.

Some models of Fresh Quality Series


Semi-Professional Vacuum Machine

Fresh Quality SV 400

Each type of food - excluded the liquid one - can be easily vacuum-packed in suitable bags (you can realize them also using the roll included in the packaging). To pack no-solid food or very delicate one, use the suitable containers (avaible in commerce), connecting Fresh Quality SV 400 through a rubber hose, complete of fittings.

The most compact

Fresh Quality Magnet

Vacuum machine with magnet, compact and portable. It maintains the freshness of food: it helps to preserve food for a longer time into vacuum bags, inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Multifunction:it can be used both with bags and with vacuum rolls.


The Features of Fresh Quality Magnet


Small, portable and easy to clean

FRESH QUALITY MAGNET has a portable size (37,3x7,7x5,6 cm) and it is not bulky compared to normal vacuum machines on the market.


Modern design

Designed not only to be functional and practical to use but also to be a design object in the kitchen.


Equipped with a magnet

Equipped with a MAGNET which allows you to hang the vacuum machine on the refrigerator (or on other ferritic surfaces), saving space.

The complete series

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